About Nasanta Enterprise

What is Nasanta Enterprise?

Nasanta Enterprise is a diversified business company. We are:

  • Manufacturers and exporters of FMCGs : Olive oil, Olives, Instant Noodles, Potato Snacks, Pastas, Canned Vegetables and Fruits, Biscuits and Home cleaning products like detergents, washing powder and liquids, etc

  • Mineral ore exporters such as Iron, Nickel, Manganese and Chrome Ore

  • Soft Commodity exporters such as Wheat Flour, Rice, Sugar, Spices, Palm Oil

  • Sourcing agents for products Made in China and Made in India

Who is Nasanta Enterprise?

Founded in Hong Kong in 2005 by a young Spanish entrepreneur, Jeetu Mayani. After having extensive experience in family retail-chain business and investment banking industry and with a worldwide network, he saw the opportunity to establish business connections between Spain, India and China.

Though being a young company, we are supported by a family business in Spain running over 40 years! With a very entrepreneurial spirit and good knowledge of markets we are able to provide quality products and service at competitive prices.

Why choose Nasanta Enterprise?


With the extensive knowledge of a very well established and reputable family business in Spain running over 45 years, we believe that our success is due to trust and service to our clients. We are committed and determined to fulfill our clients needs. We are not here and then gone the next minute. Our long term mission and objectives are in place and we are focused to achieve it. After all, our company motto is "We Build Trust". We are here to establish long-term business relations with our business partners.


With our offices in Hong Kong, Spain and India, we make the perfect triangle to be your best partner in business and reach global markets. Strategically located to trade efficiently and effectively. We are perfectly positioned for the growth in the 21st Century.


As the dynamic market for FMCGs is becoming more competitive day by day, we believe that the best way for us to stand out is to manufacture products that are better in quality and different in style through our “creative added-value” ideas. Our brands have a personality to which our customers can relate to. All our products are made with a difference in mind. We add value to our products so that we can differentiate from other competitors.


Our objective is to launch a new product/flavor/style or even create some difference every 18 months or so. A product that will make a difference in this ever dynamic market place and a product that will satisfy our customer needs. We look into the future with vision and success. Through our research team we are constantly brain-storming and experimenting how to develop new products.

We are also very much in touch with the latest trends in. Our network with clients and manufacturers gives us a good advantage on how and what to supply the market with lasts products.


From our international offices, we have developed a good network of reliable suppliers and manufacturers, reputable exporters and distributors where we can work together and grow our businesses.

For example, in India we have good relationship with mines and logistic companies to transport the huge bulk of ore. We also source our rice, sugar and wheat directly from the mills to get the freshest and best price. Our partners and associates have been in this trade for years and have the market knowledge to provide you the best service. Similarly, we are constantly expanding our network of business so that we can source for you a variety of products.